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Welcome to Integra Phone
Future Technology Today !
Hello and welcome to Integra, we thank you for choosing or considering Integra Phone. The smart way Australian families and businesses are making phone calls. By switching to Integra’s business grade VoIP network, you could substantially slash your phone bills by as much as 70%* and take advantage of new innovative products and services that will meet and exceed your expectations, welcome to the new era in communications.

What is VoIP ?
Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is simply the technology of converting voice into data, this data travels via the internet allowing you to make and receive phone call. You can use your existing internet connection or upgrade to Integra’s private VoIP internet service. The good news is the way you make and receive phone calls does not change. Integra VoIP also uses very little bandwidth, around 1Mb over a 4 min call, so you don’t need to worry about using a lot of bandwidth.

What are the benefits ?
You can dramatically slash your phone bill by making FREE* and highly discounted phone calls. That's correct, when you make a call from your Integra Phone to other Integra Phone users anywhere in the world the call is absolutely FREE. You can also take advantage of our sensational discounted calling rates when you call from Integra Phone to standard phone lines, mobile phones, locally, interstate and Internationally. We offer landline calls anywhere in Australia for a fixed untimed flat 10c. We even provide line rental, from as little as $ 9.95 per month.

The Savings Add Up !
By switching your line rental and calls to Integra VoIP, a business with a phone bill of $ 1,000 AUD per month can expect to save, amortized over five years (approx) $ 40,000 AUD*. (Based on a 60% call saving).

What do I need ?
You can use your current desktop corded or cordless telephone by using one of our telephone adaptors. You can download our recommended X-Lite software phone to your PC or notebook, absolutely free. Businesses with phone systems need not change hardware, we can convert most phone systems or why not upgrade to the latest true VoIP digital IPBX phone system by Linksys / Cisco, see our special Cisco offer.

How do I get connected ?
You can select from one of our current residential or business plans, design your own phone system and generate an online quote or you can request more information by emailing us your details on our online form.

We believe your will more than satisfied with the savings Integra Phone has to offer you and trust you will enjoy your Integra phone as much as we do.

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